Our Product

Over the years, we have constantly focused on bringing out Innovative solutions to the market through our Product Development Team. Our core product is BizView, a Business Intelligence and Data analytics tool which helps create dashboards and analyze data on the fly.

We have several esteemed clients including some Fortune 500 clients who are currently using our solution to bring in more productivity, Cost Savings and better ROI.

BizView Product Details

Few Domains where we have implemented:

Use case scenarios

We have built 14+ Data Analytics and Dashboard solutions for various companies which includes a few Fortune 500 companies:

  • BI Dashboard for a large Media & Advertising Agency for analyzing TRP, GRP, Spends, Reach, campaigns, etc
  • Media Planner and Campaigning Tool
  • BI Dashboard and data analytics for a very large retail Giant
  • Project Management Dashboard for one of the world's largest Construction equipment OEM to manage and generate reports for around 150+ projects
  • Supplier Management Dashboard (SCM) for managing and analyzing around 200+ suppliers and 10,000+ parts and several management reports
  • Accounting Management Dashboard for centralizing of data and report generation for 100+ Business lines
  • IMS Dashboard to monitor the IT infrastructure such as Computers, Accessories, license validity, Software,etcl
  • Insurance Dashboard for analysis about difference Insurance policies, their terms, revenue, policy premium, etc can be analyzed here.
  • Data Analytics and Prediction for an Aerospace OEM
  • CRM Analytics for a Real Estate Client

Core Skills

Microsoft Technologies (ASP .NET, C#, SQL Database, BI Solutions, ETL, etc)
PHP and CMS based Technologies
Mobile Technologies

Our Projects

Business Intelligence Solutions
Corporate e-learning Solution
Mobile Applications
Multiple Web Portals
e-commerce Portals
Money Transfer Solution

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