Project Management, Timesheet & Billing Dashboard


Every Company Wants to be more productive, do more projects in less time …...
At the same time, Employees & Customers should always be HAPPY
We want to finish my JOB on time and with less effort!!!


  • This product provides the following features - Project Management, Timesheet and Billing, Reporting, Management & Employee Dashboards
  • Filling Timesheet

  • Select your project and your task assigned then fill the time spent on the task.
  • Generate Timesheet Report

  • We can auto-generate various timesheet reports, Export to different types of format(ex:- Excel, pdf and csv) and submit to clients online

  • Features

    • Project Management - Creation, Assign Project Leader, Managers and users working in the project
    • Project Task creation and assignment of rates
    • Various masters - Client, Users, Projects, Activity Type, etc
    • Timesheet Management - Timesheet submission, multi-level approvals and report Generation
    • Reporting - Multiple management reports - Headcount report, Utilization report, Weekly and Monthly status reports, Project Management dashboard, User dashboard, etc
    • Billing and Accounting management - Invoice creation, Client-wise billing, etc
    • PO Generation Module, Quotation submission and PO Creation
    • Skill matrix management
    • Capacity planning
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Vendor evaluation reports
    • Client Feedback System
    • Project Management related Reports

    Core Skills

    Microsoft Technologies (ASP .NET, C#, SQL Database, BI Solutions, ETL, etc)
    PHP and CMS based Technologies
    Mobile Technologies

    Our Projects

    Business Intelligence Solutions
    Corporate e-learning Solution
    Mobile Applications
    Multiple Web Portals
    e-commerce Portals
    Money Transfer Solution

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