Media Planning Dashboard

Here, we created a media planning dashboard which helps media planners to analyze GRP, Spends on various channels which includes both traditional such as TV, Print as well as new age channels such as DIgital, Social for a cost-effective planning solution so they can execute and monitor campaigns more effectively.


Every Company wants to Spend wisely. Where should I invest ?
Is my brand growing ? Which is my best selling Product ? What is the ROI on my investment ?
What is my competitor doing ?
Data changes every day and are we up to date on this ?
Do you have all my data in a centralized safe place
Get all these info at your finger tips !!!


  • How is my competitor Channel performing ?.
  • What is the TRP Ratings ?.
  • What are the Ad spends ?.

  • Summary Report

  • Who are the top advertisers.
  • What is the GRP, Reach and Frequency.
  • Year Wise Summary Report

  • Generate and Export reports on the fly
  • Drag and rop Online Pivot reports

  • Features

    • Specialized reports for the Media World
    • User Management
    • Mobile Apps - works on all Mobile devices (Android, iphone and Windows)
    • Self Manageable Dashboard - Upload and Create your own dashboards
    • Multiple layouts and different Theming options
    • Upload from excel or Database
    • Management Dashboards for CIO, Marketing managers and Planners
    • Data Ware Housing & ETL for Fresh Data and Updates
    • Market / Genre analysis
    • Drag and Drop Pivot Reports
    • Category/Brand Analysis
    • SOE/SOV Reports
    • Media mix reports
    • iapp /
    • android app

    Core Skills

    Microsoft Technologies (ASP .NET, C#, SQL Database, BI Solutions, ETL, etc)
    PHP and CMS based Technologies
    Mobile Technologies

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    Business Intelligence Solutions
    Corporate e-learning Solution
    Mobile Applications
    Multiple Web Portals
    e-commerce Portals
    Money Transfer Solution

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