IMS / IT Dashboards


Every Company wants to Spend wisely. What have I invested ?
What is my IT Infra ?
Where are my computers ?
Which licenses are expiring ?
Data changes every day and are we up to date on this ?
Do you have all my data in a centralized safe place
Get all these info at your finger tips !!!


  • What machines do I have ?.
  • What should i upgrade ?.
  • Where should I invest to get best productivity ?.

  • Summary Report

  • What are my action items ?
  • Which licenses should I renew ?
  • Year Wise Summary Report

  • Exportable Reports are generated to view the status of all your Infrastructure at one single place
  • Get breakups by Location, Department, status, etc on the fly

  • Features

    • Data Import from excel or we can build connectors to Asset Management software to pull in data automatically
    • Multiple Management Reports – Summary reports, Monthly and Quarterly reports with drag and drop pivots.
    • Data Refresh – can replace the existing data with new data.
    • Status check reports
    • Online Pivot - Drag and Drop reporting

    Core Skills

    Microsoft Technologies (ASP .NET, C#, SQL Database, BI Solutions, ETL, etc)
    PHP and CMS based Technologies
    Mobile Technologies

    Our Projects

    Business Intelligence Solutions
    Corporate e-learning Solution
    Mobile Applications
    Multiple Web Portals
    e-commerce Portals
    Money Transfer Solution

    Contact us

    You can reach us at

    Tel: +91-80-4127-6111

    Tel: +91 9008599466